Driving a Recurring 
Revenue Business Model 
in  the Age of the Cloud

Learn how to truly empower your 
business  from the ground up in the 
era of digital transformation.


Like it or not there will never be one single business model that dominates the channel ever again. In place of the capital expense approach to acquiring IT products and services for decades there are now multiple approaches to acquiring those products and services that treat IT as just another operating expense. Our White paper investigates how to make this work for your company by:

  • Avoid the Traps -  Stay safe by dodging the pitfalls associated with a channel program based on a cloud IT infrastructure 
    • Meeting Expectations - Develop ideals and metrics to garner data about the recurrent value of your channel model in new ways.
    • Training for Success - Provide the support partners need in order to meet their vendor and customers in a fully digitised format. 

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About Gorilla

At Gorilla we have one focus – helping technology vendors measure, grow, enable, and manage their IT channel. Whether you are a startup or an established company, we have programs that will help you maximize your channel investment.

Without an experienced guide and the right toolkit, you can easily lose your way and fall prey to the competition. To thrive in this environment, you need Gorilla’s channel experience on your side. Over the last two decades, through all kinds of market conditions, we’ve created and managed more than 6,000 successful projects for over 800 enterprises. We know the territory. We have knowledge, ideas and a track record to help you succeed.


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