Channel Marketing Concierge Increasing the Value of your Marketing Programs

Meet the Gorilla Marketing Concierge service
and learn more about the power they
can help add to all your marketing endeavours.


It is essential that the overall company ethos and channel sales strategy are at the forefront of your partner program design. Especially as these days competitor partner programs are always evolving. With this reality in mind, a best-in-class Marketing Concierge Program is a win-win situation for partners and vendors. Our White paper lets you see the advantages of the Gorilla concierge program including:

  • Inspiration - Help build your relationships with your partners through direct contact and support. 
    • Save Money - With personal guidance to online resource management and usage saving time & resources.
    • Execution - Organised and vendor-directed campaign facilitation without the time expenditure.
    • Return on Investment - Low outlay and continuous impact and support mean returns can be achieved quickly.

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About Gorilla

At Gorilla we have one focus – helping technology vendors measure, grow, enable, and manage their IT channel. Whether you are a startup or an established company, we have programs that will help you maximize your channel investment.

Without an experienced guide and the right toolkit, you can easily lose your way and fall prey to the competition. To thrive in this environment, you need Gorilla’s channel experience on your side. Over the last two decades, through all kinds of market conditions, we’ve created and managed more than 6,000 successful projects for over 800 enterprises. We know the territory. We have knowledge, ideas and a track record to help you succeed.


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